BLEICHERT Automation GmbH & Co. KG (Druckversion)

7th AXIS Modular System (AV1S401)

7th AXIS with robot attachment
7th AXIS within the production line
modular construction

7th AXIS - flexible, accurate, dynamic, stable, reliable, durable

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Technical Data

Technical Data
payload3700 kg
position repeatability

± 0,05 mm


max. 2,5 m/s


max. 2,0 m/s²

rail segment length

2000 mm or 3000 mm

Technical Advantages

energy chain variably mountable (left/centric/right)
walkable rail section
small space requierment

Technical Advantages

  • servo angular gear box, variably mountable (left/right and 0°/90°)
  • adapter plates for flexible attachment of all robot brands
  • individual length configurations
  • suitable for all robot brands
  • well know machine elements
  • rack and pinion drive
  • high precision rollers
  • easy maintenance
  • easy site assembly
  • automatic lubrication options
  • conform to automotive OEM requierements

Maintenance Advantages

easy change of roller block
easy change of gearbox

  • easy change of roller block in every position
  • easy change of gearbox including pinion