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AL25K (AV1R 4)
PR80 (AP3P 4)
AL15 (AV1R 1)
PR500 (AP3P 6)

Roller conveyors

Corner station

Modular assembly transport systems

  • Multiple applications
  • Suitable for weights from 200 to 500 kg
  • Automatic accumulation function independent of weight (except for AL30)
  • Robust design, durable and maintenance-free

Innovative roller conveyor systems for all assembly and transport tasks - provided by your system partner for automation and conveyor technology

customized solutions
customized solutions

Tailored solutions
BLEICHERT can construct the modular roller conveyor to your exact specifications, and adapt it to the materials you need to convey. This garantees highly efficient work sequences especially when transporting and backing up already processed work items and pallets

BLEICHERT friction roller conveyor has the following outstanding advantages:

  • All models are accurately adapted to their application
  • Suitable for work item weights from 200 to 500 kg, depending on the type
  • With automatic accumulation function, independent of the weight
  • Variable selection of rollers
  • Retrospective adaptations are possible at all times

BLEICHERT roller conveyors adapt flexibly to your operating procedure

Roller conveyor AL15 (AV1R 1)

Roller conveyor AL15
Roller conveyor AL15

The ideal design for the direct transport of smaller workitems, not only for example brake discs, but also for pallets. The maximum workpiece weight is 200 kg. The AL15 also features protected drive elements, which makes it especially suitable for enviroments in which swarf and emulsion waste are present.

Other advantages of the AL15:

  • Driven via a tangentially aligned standard chain
  • Selection of the roller surface to suit individual applications
  • Accumulation function

Roller conveyor AL20 (AV1R 2)

Roller conveyor AL20

This design was especially developed for the transport of pallets. the individual pallet weight is 400 kg. Just like the other designs of the AL series, the AL20 also has an accumulation function.

Other advantage of the AL20:

  • The ideal solution for a lot of pallet transport loads
  • Driven via a tangentially aligned standard chain
  • Selection of the roller surface to suit individual application
  • Accumulation function

Roller conveyor AL25K (AV1R 4)

Roller conveyor AL25K
Roller conveyor AL25K

Recommended for the direct transport of processed workitems, for example vehicle crankcases or truck cylinder heads. Workpiece up to a total weight of 400 kg can be transported and processed with the AL25K. It features an automatic accumulation function which is independent of the weight

Other advantages of the AL25K:

  • The protected drive elements make it especially suited for workplaces where swarf and emulsion waste is present
  • Drive via maintenance-free bevel gear sets
  • All drive elements can be easily accessed externally
  • Variable propulsion through adjustable friction
  • Roller bodies can be adapted to individual applications and consist of steel or plastic

Roller conveyor AL30 (AV1R 6)

Roller conveyor AL30
Roller conveyor AL30
Roller conveyor AL30

This design allows the direct transport of workitems, for example truck crankcases with a weight of up to 500 kg, without pallets. The protected drive elements make it especially suited for workplaces where swarf and emulsions waste is present.

Other advantage of the AL30:

  • Drive from roll to roll via chain wheels and stainless steel chains
  • The application of a safety friction clutch in the drive housing prevents hazards to workers, even in case of heavy loads
  • Maintenance-free, all drive elements are accessible from the outside
  • Roller bodies can be adjusted individually to the application

Roller conveyor montamatic RoV (MM1S)

Roller conveyor montamatic RoV
Roller conveyor montamatic RoV
Roller conveyor montamatic RoV

Special advantages for the montamatic RoV:

montamatic RoV is a trackmounted, vertical assembly and transport system. The workitem can be easily accessed from all sides. With the lifting/lowering/turning and swivelling units, workplaces can be freely designed with complete flexibility and without cycle constraints.

The special advantage of the montamatic RoV are:

  • Workitems weight up to 500 kg, load moment up to 3.000 Nm
  • Upright transport of pallets or suspended transport of workitems and devices with optimal accessibility to the assembly available
  • Automatic accumulation function, independent of weight
  • Drive via maintenance-free bevel gear sets, adjustable friction
  • Specially protected drive elements, therefore also ideal in locations with oil spillage

Optimised through economic and flexible modular construction

Simply Roll

Simply Roll
Simply Roll
Simply Roll

Highly variable roller conveyor for toolness assembly

  • Highly versatile
  • Lightweight and very stable
  • Double ball bearing steel rollers
  • Unbeaten cost-benefit ratio
  • Robust with an extreme long life
  • Tool less assembly with via "Patent pending" mounting system

he innovative concept in lightweight roller conveyors

Retrospective adaptation is always possible with BLEICHERT roller conveyors

Future proof investment safety

Future proof investment

Customers increasingly demand future proof investment safety. This is why BLEICHERT supplies "ready for future" systems with flexible utilisation that can be adaped to changing operating procedures at any time.

Our company is certified according to VDA 6.4. This and the name BLEICHERT stands for a permanently high quality standard and continuous development advances across the entire process chain.