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AL25K (AV1R 4)
PR80 (AP3P 4)
AL15 (AV1R 1)
PR500 (AP3P 6)

montaflex® 3G (SM1K3)

montaflex® 3G

Flexible accumulating pallet conveyor for the transport and buffering of workitems.

  • High efficiency with maximum flexibility.

  • Minimal wear resulting in limited maintenance.

  • Maximum availability.

  • High durability.

  • Economical.


Factory simulation montaflex


Product specification / data sheet


montaflex® 3G - Standard conveyor

Version: Steel construction (SMK306)
Version: Floor standing (SMK305)

How to optimize your manufacturing process!

The montaflex® 3G offers customized solutions in a modular design for any size of business and for every industry.

  • Only one drive motor required for pallet transport of 20 m.
  • From 20 m any length can be realized by coupled conveyors.
  • Pallets can be coupled to create pallet trains for the transport of large and heavy workpieces.
  • Length, width and number of pallets can be configured individually.
  • Constant propulsion through the use of friction elements.

Technical Data
Center distance [AA] 2500 ... 40000 mm in 250 mm steps 
Conveyor width [B]  

600 mm
1000 mm  

Frame width [B1]  Symmetrical in 100 mm steps (min. B+60 mm)
Asymmetrical in 50 mm steps (min. B+60 mm) only steel construction 
Pallet spacing [L]  275 ... 1825 mm in 25 mm steps 
Pallet loading  max. 50 kg per pallet incl. workpiece fixture 
Part fixture  max. 30 kg  
Pallet sizes  600 (488) mm x 238 mm
1000 (888) mm x 238 mm    
Pallet holding accuracy±0.3 mm (with centering ±0.1 mm)  
Conveying speed  0.1 m/s (6 m/min)
0.15 m/s (9 m/min)  
Locking drive  24 V, 400 V, pneumatic 
Drive element friction, hysteresis clutch
Version Floor standing (SM1K305) Steel construction (SM1K306)
3D-CAD-formats STEP STEP
2D-CAD-formats DWG DWG
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montaflex® 3G - Conveyor 45°/ 90°

Version: 45° (SM1K308)
Version: 90° (SM1K307)

90° montaflex® 3G

  • Is based on the principal of BLEICHERT standard montaflex® 3G.
  • Increased storage volume by buffering the pallets on both sides.
  • Enables an ergonomic loading and unloading for the worker on both sides.

45° montaflex® 3G

  • Transport of components on workpiece carriers in horizontal or vertical position possible.
  • Worker protection for secure loading/ unloading of the conveyor guaranteed.
  • Front and side loading/unloading possible.
  • Separations and stop points can be positioned as required.
  • Total concept consisting of BLEICHERT standard conveyor montaflex® 3G and corresponding safety elements for personal safety.

Technical Data
Center distance [AA] 2500 ... 40000 mm in 250 mm Steps
Conveyor width [B] 1000 mm
Angle of inclination [W] 45° / 60° / 90°
Pallet spacing [L] 275 ... 1825 mm in 25 mm Schritten
Pallet loading max. 50 kg per pallet incl. workpiece fixture
Workpiece loading max. 30 kg
Pallet sizes 1000 (888) mm x 238 mm
Pallet holding accuracy ±0.3 mm (with centering ±0.1 mm)
Conveying speed 0.1 m/s (6 m/min)
0.15 m/s (9 m/min)
Locking drive 24 V, 400 V, pneumatic
Drive element Friction, histeresis clutch
Version Conveyor 45° (SM1K308) Conveyor 90° (SM1K307)
3D-CAD-formats STEP STEP
2D-CAD-formats DWG DWG
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montaflex® 3G - interlinking

montaflex® 3G - interlinking

Advantage through technical innovations!

BLEICHERT montaflex® 3G accumulating conveyors can be flexible integrated into different layouts.

Connection of workplaces and stations is also possible over longer distances by linking individual conveyors.

Overall concept consisting of BLEICHERT standard conveyor montaflex® 3G and patented steel construction system. 


Layout options by the use of:

  • Coupled conveyors
  • Transfer carriage
  • Lifting units
  • Rotating units
  • Storage units