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Our Milestones

The transportation of heavy loads through the air was not a new idea. Thousand of years ago hemp ropes were used to bridge valleys. New possibilities arrived after the invention of the plaited wire cable in 1834 by Bergrat Julius Albert in Clausthal.

So, which new ideas came from Adolf Bleichert ?

  • The twin cable car system, separation of the load and tow rope:
    England and the USA dominated the single cable car system which had been introduced by Hodgson.

  • To use the wire cable as a track:
    In the beginning they used a rail as a track. (similar to a railway), made out of rounded iron rods welded together.

  • Distribution of the load:
    Open containers ran one by one at fixed intervals.

  • Connecting the containers:
    Containers were connected with the tow cable via a clutch which allowed the connection, or separation of the containers from the towing cable.

For that purpose Adolf Bleichert constructed the Eccentric Friction Clutch which was patented in 1875.

The main achievement of Adolf Bleichert was not his induvidual inventions, but the combination of the named elements to put them into a functional system, testing the ideas on a trial track in Gohlis near Leipzig in 1874, and the production of the cable railway in his own firm. In today's terms you could call it “application in the production”- and with that, success and profit. Adolf Bleichert & Co was not only the oldest, but also became the largest wire cable railway firm.

What differentiated Adolf Bleichert from others is that he also contributed to the development of the wire cable railway. For example Franz Fritz Freiherr von Dücker had already constructed in the 1860s a cable railway which he demonstrated in Bad Oyenhausen. Drückers cable railway was primitive and was therefore a one off.

That´s why one could refer to the “Bleichertschen” or the deutschen DSB-System as a twin cable system compared with the English single cable system.

Source: Dr. Manfred Hötzel: Adolf Bleichert and his work.


Founding of BLEICHERT Inc branch in Mexico City, MX, for Sales and Service


Takeover of E.R.T.L Automation Ltd Straubing, and with it BLEICHERT now has the onboard speciality of Control Engineering.

R Weiss Group takes over ERTL Automation in Straubing, supplementing BLEICHERT with modern control and automation technical components.


Founding of BLEICHERT Inc. Southeast Operation in Greer, SC, for Sales, Service and Maintenance.


BLEICHERT is taken over by the R Weiss Group and operates under BLEICHERT Automation Ltd. With that opens new prospects and global possibilities.

The R Weiss Group is one of the leading German suppliers of packaging machines.

As a global player, the company offers modern packaging techniques as well as the complete product range of packaging automation, from planning to service.


Building of the technical centre in Osterburken – it symbolises the growth of the company and, at the same time, the strength of developments in new automation systems.

All roles come together in the technical centre in Osterburken, Development, Technic, Production, Distribution and Administration, all are based at the Head Office in Osterburken.


The founding of BLEICHERT Inc. in Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA made the successful entry into the North American market.

BLEICHERT Inc. is a leading provider in the automation technology, roller conveyors, robotic- and assembly systems in the American market.


Hans-Ulrich Breymann acquired the majority stake. Under his leadership and his successors, the company can establish itself as a leading provider of factory automation.


Founding of Adolf Bleichert conveyor distribution Ltd. in Osterburken.

BLEICHERT produces and distributes roller conveyors and engineering for bulk material technology.


Changed company name to Adolf Bleichert Conveying Systems Distribution Ltd


Founding of Adolf Bleichert Conveying Systems Distribution Ltd. In Nürnberg

In 1946 the company Adolf Bleichert & CO in Leipzig was taken over by the Soviet government and they formed the Soviet Ltd. Company. From 1950 they were integrated into the SAG “Transmarsch”. In 1953 they were returned to the DDR as VEB Bleichert Leipzig.After reunification, the East German history ends in liquidation in 1991.Besides the founding of Adolf Bleichert Conveying Systems Distribution Ltd. in Nürnberg, the Bleichert Transport Systems Ltd. had already been established in 1946 which has today been merged into Thyssen Krupp Polysius.


The Comany`s roots:

Adolf Bleichert founded the Adolf Bleichert & Co factory for cable car systems in Leipzig. Famous cable railway and material handling systems were produced. The manufacturer was renowned for cable car systems and transport systems.

Bleichert was one of the biggest founding fathers in the German economy together with Alfred Krupp, Werner Siemens and Ernst Abbe.